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PRONGHORN ANTELOPE – September 1 to October 31

Antelope private ranch hunts are low-key, fun-filled adventures. Our antelope hunts are still 100% successful. Most bucks taken are 13”-15”, and it is possible to literally see hundreds of antelope per day. The antelope hunts are strictly spot and stalk. Vehicles are driven on roads and to strategic locations from which the antelope are “spotted”; then the pursuit begins.

Some antelope hunts are based from our Triple Creek Headquarters. This is a great first hunt or family adventure. We have 2 areas near home that we hunt for antelope, Area 11- October 1-14, the odds for drawing a license in this area is excellent. The second area is Area 103 - October 5-31, the odds on drawing a license in this area are usually near 100% as well. We also hunt a large ranch near Elk Mountain where there are some great pronghorns. Our hunt area at Elk Mountain is area 46 - Sept. 25 - Oct. 25, the odds of drawing a license in this area has been 100 percent, in the special license drawing.

Area 50 near Elk Mountain opens on September 15, and has quality bucks. Area 50 also has a muzzleloader season that opens on September 1. It's very possible to take a record book buck with a muzzleloader in Area 50.

We also hunt antelope in Area 38 near Chugwater. These licenses are easy to draw and the season runds from October 5-31.

Hunters who wish to hunt for antelope must apply for the higher-priced special license to ensure success in the license drawing. Verification will be required.

We also have ranches leased in the Lusk, Wyo., area. These ranches have some excellent antelope in addition to the mule deer and whitetails.


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